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Leland Shields

2800 E. Madison, Suite 206
Seattle, WA 98112
Phone: (206) 568-0062
Fax: (206) 325-0098


Can I Help You?

Our work together can be a fit for you if you want psychotherapy for:

  • An adult or teenager

You will have a safe and supportive place to explore the issues that motivate you to seek counseling. We will work together to review what you’ve tried, what may work best for you next, and how to tell if what we’re doing is helpful.

  •  A couple or family

We will create an environment where the two or more of you can safely express yourselves, choose common goals, and find ways to work together. 

We can work together -

  • On issues such as:

    Depression: Are you sad or grieving, whether deeply or chronically? Is it difficult to get up the energy to face the day or work through the barriers in your life? Whether the causes are due to the recent circumstances in your life, old patterns, or your brain chemistry, we can explore directions toward change.

    Anxiety: We have many words for what so many experience daily in our culture: stress, worry, fear, tension, and more. Is the anxiety you experience in proportion to your life circumstances? Do you suspect that however real it feels, the anxiety is exaggerated in your mind? We will explore the causes, and find fitting Mindfulness and stress reduction techniques.

    Relationship and family stress: Are you having trouble finding or keeping connection? Do you find yourself repeating similar patterns? We usually learn how to act with others for a purpose that served us at some time in our life. Often gaining understanding about why we respond like we do helps foster change. Other times, our habits are so ingrained, we need to practice other ways of responding to break old patterns.

    Other specific issues: Did you have an issue that is not included on this list? I’m not surprised. There are many issues we can address together which don’t fit in neat categories. For example, I have a number of clients who experience emotions so intensely they become overwhelmed. And if by chance the issue you want to address is not in my area of expertise, I’ll refer you to someone who will help.

  • Life enhancement

    Finding purpose, a first or new career, or a path

    Deepening fulfillment and satisfaction

    Seeking a sense of freedom

Sometimes I work with people who are doing well in many ways, but who want something more. Some of us have a sense of the truly profound potential for openness, awe and vitality we all share. If this is your aspiration, we can explore your path to deep engagement with yourself, those around you, and your life.


Do you want to know more about what our work together would be like? Click on My Influences to see more of the perspectives I draw from. You can also get a sense of my work from things I’ve written available by clicking on Resources and Writings.

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